The Wheel Of Time: Season 2 – Release Date, Story & What You Should Know

The Wheel Of Time
The Wheel Of Time

Live-action adaptations of novels tend to be hit-or-miss, but when it does hit, it hits hard. Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings are both amazing fantasy series based on novels. If you loved those, you should also check out The Wheel Of Time, especially now that The Wheel Of Time: Season 2 is coming out.

The Wheel Of Time is based on a novel series of the same name written by Robert Jordan. It centers on Moiraine, a member of a large organization seeking the reincarnation of the Dragon. A being prophesied to either save or break the world. Back in January 2022, Lorne Balfe, the show producer, announced that they were working on Season 2. Read on to see when The Wheel Of Time: Season 2 release date is and learn of other important details.


When Is The Wheel Of Time: Season 2 Being Released?

The Wheel Of Time: Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on September 1, 2023 and will air on Amazon.

That date is right around the corner, but there’s more. The series has already been renewed for a third season.

Another detail you’d want to know is that The Wheel Of Time: Season 2 will have eight episodes. That’s the same number of episodes as Season 1, but show producer Rafe Judkins says the episodes will be longer.


Will The Cast Return For The Wheel Of Time: Season 2?

For the most part, the cast of The Wheel Of Time: Season 2 will remain the same. However, there is one big change: Barney Harris, the actor who played Mat Cauthon, will be replaced by Dónal Finn. Reasons for the recasting are unconfirmed.

Some new characters are also going to be introduced to the series, of course. Here are the actors whose debuting roles have already been confirmed for Season 2.

  • Ceara Coveney will be playing Elayne Trakand, the Daughter-Heir of Andor.
  • Jay Duffy will be playing Dain Bornhald, a member of the Children of the Light.
  • Meera Syal will be playing Verin Mathwin, an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah.
  • Maja Simonsen will be playing  Chiad, an Aiel Maiden of the Spear.
  • Ragga Ragnars will be playing Bain, another Aiel Maiden of the Spear.
  • Rima Te Wiata will be playing Sheriam Bayanar, the Mistress of Novices in the White Tower.


What Is The Wheel Of Time: Season 2 About?

The Wheel Of Time: Season 2 will cover Books 2 and 3: The Great Hunt and The Dragon Reborn. This means this season will go over twice as much content as opposed to Season 1 which only adapted The Eye Of The World. Hopefully, it won’t feel rushed, but only time will tell.

As great as the show is, some fans of The Wheel Of Time novels do have complaints. The main one being the show doesn’t follow the source material as much as they’d like. Considering the changes they’ve already made in Season 1, it seems the show and books will never meet 1:1.

After the battle with the Dark One in the Season 1 finale, Rand, Moiraine, and the rest of the crew go their separate ways. However, war is on the horizon. The Seanchan empire that was teased in the Season 1 finale has finally come.

The Seanchan is a totalitarian empire, and their endless lust for conquest has brought them to the Westlands. Moiraine, Rand, and the others must find a way to defend their own land, all while the Last Battle approaches.

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