The Official Trailer For Jumanji: The Next Level Looks Like a Whole Load of Fun

Did I die and turn into some small, muscular boy scout?


Sony Pictures has been busy of late, with the release of the Charlie’s Angels trailer on June 27th, and now Jumanji: The Next Level nipping closely on its heels.

The trailer shows that the main players are back to play the game, with a twist. Danny DeVito’s character will be playing Dwayne Johnson’s avatar in the game, and Danny Glover is taking on Kevin Hart’s avatar. This means that Johnson and Hart will have to impersonate DeVito and Glover, which is already proving to be the most hilarious thing – if they can sustain the character.

Sadly, Jack Black is not returning as Bethany, which is a crying shame since his ditzy white girl persona was one of the best things of the first movie. The gang find themselves in vast landscapes of snow and sand, trying to win the game as well as figure out what happened to Spencer and Bethany.

You might have assumed there isn’t much more they can explore with the Jumanji premise, but this is Hollywood, and sequels will keep getting churned out until they don’t make money anymore. The first movie did amazingly well, both critically as well as at the box office, making 962 million USD with a budget of 90 million USD. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, especially when I scoffed at the idea of a reboot. So maybe this unnecessary sequel will end up impressing us as well.

Jumanji: The Next Level will be in theatres come Christmas 2019.

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