The King Of Fighters XV Roster: All Characters & Teams

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The King Of Fighters XV
The King Of Fighters XV

Fighting games are nothing without their rosters, and The King Of Fighters XV is certainly no exception. Without a huge selection of characters with a wide variety of movesets and abilities to use, most fighting games would fall by the wayside, but fortunately KOF XV is filled with iconic and unique characters. Here’s everything you need to know about The King Of Fighters XV’s roster.

The base King Of Fighters XV roster is composed of 39 characters, split into 13 separate canonical teams. Here are all of the teams and characters in the KOF XV roster.


King Of Fighters XV Day One Characters & Teams

Hero Team (aka Shun’ei Team)

– Shun’ei
– Meitenkun
– Benimaru Nikaido

Rivals Team (aka Isla Team)

– Isla
– Dolores
– Heidern

Sacred Treasures Team

– Kyo Kusanagi
– Iori Yagami
– Chizuru Kagura

Fatal Fury Team

– Terry Bogard
– Andy Bogard
– Joe Higashi

Orochi Team

– Yashiro Nanakase
– Shermie
– Chris

Art of Fighting Team

– Ryo Sakazaki
– Robert Garcia
– King

Ikari Warriors Team

– Leona Heidern
– Ralf Jones
– Clark Still

Secret Agents Team

– Vanessa
– Blue Mary
– Luong

Super Heroines Team

– Athena Asamiya
– Mai Shiranui
– Yuri Sakazaki

Galaxy Anton Wrestling Team (G.A.W. Team)

– Antonov
– Ramón
– King of Dinosaurs

K’ Team

– K’
– Maxima
– Whip

Krohnen Team (Formerly NESTS Team)

– Krohnen McDougall
– Kula Diamond
– Ángel

Ash Team

– Ash Crimson
– Elisabeth Blanctorche
– Kukri

KOF XV also features two unplayable boss characters that appear at the end of Story Mode:

– Re Verse
– Otama=Raga


King Of Fighters XV DLC Characters & Teams

On top of the base roster of 39 characters, KOF XV features two Team Passes of content, where four teams (12 additional fighters) have be added to the game’s line-up, along with a free DLC character. A third Team Pass has also been announced, though the full roster of characters and teams haven’t been announced yet. They are:

Free Update Character:

– Omega Rugal

Garou Team (Team Pass 1)

– Rock Howard
– B. Jenet
– Gato

South Town Team (Team Pass 1)

– Geese Howard
– Billy Kane
– Ryuji Yamazaki

Team Awakened Orochi (Team Pass 2)

– Orochi Yashiro
– Orochi Shermie
– Orochi Chris

Team Samurai (Team Pass 2, Launching Fall 2022)

– Haohmaru
– Nakoruru
– Darli Dagger

SNK have also confirmed a third season of content for The King of Fighters XV, with two characters already confirmed: Shingo Yabuki and Kim Kaphwan.

The King of Fighters XV is available on PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox Series X & S.

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