The Division 2: How To Request Backup And Go On Call

Want to know how to help others via on call in The Division 2 or maybe even request some backup yourself?

The Division 2

The Division 2 has a lot of mechanics, so many in fact that it can be a little overwhelming. One of the more interesting mechanics is the “on call” one, which allows you to help out other Agents who request it, or to ask for some help yourself.

If you’re confused by how it works, here’s everything you need to know.


Going On Call

On Call The Division 2

The Division 2 actually has on call activated by default, so if you’re wandering around you may occasionally get requests from other Agents to help them out.

Once you accept a call invitation, you will be taken to a map of all of the Agents who are requesting your help. Pick one and you will then be transported to their location to do whatever mission/side activity/free roaming they are up to.

Alternatively, you can go to your matchmaking options in the main menu (hold the touch pad on PS4/View on Xbox One, scroll to the far right) and select Answer the Call to find anyone who may need assistance.

Answering the call will net you some extra XP and maybe even a new friend.


How To Request Backup Via On Call

The Division 2 on call

If you yourself need help, you can also request it via the on call mechanic in The Division 2. Simply go into your main men and hold down triangle on PS4 and Y on Xbox One. You will then be placed into a queue to get assistance, but be warned that you may not get any help at all.


How To Turn Off On Call

The Division 2 disable on and off call

If you don’t want to be asked for help in The Division 2, you can actually disable the on call function by going into your settings. Simply go to gameplay and scroll right to the bottom and toggle it off.

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