Team17 Reveal Golf With Your Friends Coming To Consoles

We fore-see great things.

Golf With Your Friends

Team17 have announced that the popular minigolf title, Golf With Your Friends, developed by Blacklight Interactive, will be launching on PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch during the second quarter of 2020. Check out the announcement trailer below.

Golf With Your Friends is possibly the most accurate video game title ever: it’s golf, but with your friends. Currently available in Early Access, Golf With Your Friends features over 10 courses that range from forests to haunted mansions, space and beyond.

As for the multiplayer, you play together with up to 11 other players, as you compete for the lowest score across 18 holes. With custom game modes, power-ups, and just the good old fashioned knocking your opponent’s ball out of the way, there are plenty of ways to screw over your friends. With plenty of unlockables to boot, Golf With Your Friends could be a serious addition to the gaming rotation of you and your mates. Are you excited to hit the fairways? Sound off in the comments.

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