Tarantino Gets The Ball Rolling With Django Sequel

"Gentlemen, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention."

Tarantino’s name is up in the wind again, and according to Movieweb, it is in relation to a Django Unchained sequel, which will see Django and Zorro teaming up. Is this the badass pairing of our dreams?

The story from the comic books tracks Django and Zorro as they go around freeing slaves from their captors. Tarantino is keen to see this vision play out on screen, and seems to have started the process by getting Jerrod Carmichael in to work on the screenplay.

Tarantino is known for his writing as much as his directing, but at the moment it is unclear as to the role he will play in this Django/Zorro crossover story. Will he co-write it with Carmichael or merely be a consultant? Your guess is as good as mine.

The more pertinent question is: Who will be in the director’s seat for this? Tarantino has mentioned that his 10th movie will be last big picture, and Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is already his 9th. This means the next movie project he takes on will be his last. I can’t imagine him returning to the world of the western again, and a Django sequel just doesn’t seem like the way to say goodbye.

Tarantino has also been in talks to get his Star Trek project off the ground, having crafted the story for it already. Contributing to the Sci-Fi franchise with an offering of his own seems the more likely route if he is serious about stopping after his 10th movie. But then again, he counts Kill Bill as one movie, even though there are two, so according to Tarantino logic, a Django sequel wouldn’t take up his 10th slot since it’s an extension of the world he has done before.

However, sometimes saying you will stop doesn’t mean you actually do. Steven Soderbergh is one such director who comes to mind, departing from the film industry only to come storming back in later. A creative mind probably wouldn’t take to retirement very well.

It remains to be seen the course of action Tarantino will take. In the meantime, he will have much on his plate with Once Upon A Time in Hollywood’s impending release on July 26, 2019.

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