Quentin Tarantino Has Completed His Star Trek Script

Live long and prosper, motherhecker.

So, according to an article over at Screenrant, Quentin Tarantino has completed his script for his proposed Star Trek movie, which just seems completely out of left field. Whenever I hear the name Quentin Tarantino, I think gore, violence and over-the-top dialogue. Never would it occur to me that directing and scripting a Star Trek movie would be his thing. But apparently, buzz about him getting involved in the Star Trek world dates back to 2017. Now, two years later, he has the finished product and is looking to get the project started.

This news has raised excitement, albeit with equal doses of skepticism. Firstly, we wonder if Tarantino is spinning by himself in a vacuum, proposing something that will never come to be. Tarantino mentioned that he has been in talks with “those guys”, though it is unclear who they are given the vagueness of this response, and we wonder how tangible these talks actually are.

Secondly, can Tarantino pull off a Star Trek movie? Especially when a more seasoned Sci-Fi director like J.J. Abrams tried and failed to properly reboot the series? However, we must not underestimate Tarantino. While the gore is a consistent element in his films, he has proven himself to be fairly adaptable, moving between different genres with ease, tackling a Western like The Hateful Eight and a World War II narrative à la Inglourious Basterds with equal aplomb.

Any plans Tarantino has with regard to Star Trek will just have to wait until after the release of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, which is set to come out in July of this year.

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