Introducing: Super Pixels Radio

Super Pixels Radio

Hey, so if you haven’t already seen from the top of this article already, I am Elliott Beverley, a contributor here at Cultured Vultures.

It just so happens that I’m also one of three co-hosts of a gaming and tech podcast that goes by the name of Super Pixels Radio, and I am proud to announce that my podcast will be featuring weekly on Cultured Vultures from now on!

Along with my friends Stuart Franks and Adam Trevaskis (and occasional guests!), we discuss a multitude of topics each week within the realm of technology, gaming and media.

Who are we?
We are all old school friends from the UK who have nothing better to do in the evening than to sit down for an hour and wax poetic about geek culture!

We kick off most episodes with a brief roundup of news stories from the past week. Each of us has a chosen area of “expertise” (and I use the word expertise there very loosely), and we present our respective stories to each other to discuss.

Stuart’s stories focus mainly on hardware and software and tend to be more technical. He is possibly the most qualified of all of us as he is a systems admin. His love for Rocket League knows no bounds, and he is renowned for making awful puns.

Meanwhile Adam’s focus is on video game stories, whether its game announcements, new console rumours or development stories. He’s a self-proclaimed Sony and Sonic fanboy and has just graduated from Uni with a degree in furniture design!

Finally, my focus tends to be on the social implications of various aspects of technology, for example Social Media or the impact games like Pokémon Go are having on society. I’ve recently graduated from Uni with a degree in Journalism with English Literature, and I edit and upload the podcast once we’re done. I also want to be the very best (like no-one ever was).

The Main Event
The meaty focus of our episodes tends to be something topical, or a large discussion or debate topic that we end up arguing about for most of the show. Typically this section of the show takes up just over half of our airtime, assuming that everything goes to plan! Some of the topics we’ve discussed in the past include our impressions of this year’s E3, as well as Sonic’s 25th Anniversary and, this week, our thoughts on Suicide Squad.

So, if this sounds like your sort of thing then please give us a listen and share with your friends!
Our latest episode:

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