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Sunshine and Smiles Trailer Released For Banksy’s Dismaland

After Bansky finally raised the curtain of his most ambitious project yet, Dismaland, they have also just released a new trailer to show off just how depressingly truthful the whole thing actually is.

A dark parody of Disneyland, the alternative theme park situated in Weston, England has been making headlines all over the world for being the most high-profile project in Bansky’s illustrious and mysterious career to date. People attempting to book tickets online for the “attraction” were greeted with error messages and ridiculous wait times, believed to be all part of the artist’s big picture.

In the trailer below, a young family is shown bored and disinterested before being told about Dismaland: “the happiest place on Earth”. Once they arrive, they are greeted by overbearing security checks and staff that epitomise ennui; clearly a comment on the way Disney treats its staff with the long hours and shoddy pay.

A whimsical soundtrack is in stark contrast to what the family is experiencing. Broken down rides, social commentaries on paparazzi and immigration, disturbing designs and a bubbling sense of anarchy are just a few of the highlights/lowlights at Banksy’s “Bemusement Park”.


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