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New generation characters in fighting games can often struggle to find a fanbase beyond their initial game, meaning in some franchises, there are characters that have only ever appeared in one title. Fortunately for those who love Tae Kwon Do murderesses, Juri has been a fan favourite ever since she was introduced in Super Street Fighter 4, and she’s back again in Street Fighter 6.

With punishing kicks, tricky projectiles and plenty of combo potential, Juri has always been an incredible tool in the hands of an experienced player, and she can help your created avatar reach the next level in World Tour mode too. If you’re looking for a new, punishing master to train under, this is all you need to know about becoming Juri’s student in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode.


Street Fighter 6 World Tour | Juri Master Guide

Players will first encounter Juri during Chapter 5 of World Tour. After chasing Bosch to England, you’ll both be ambushed by Street Fighter’s own black widow (the spider, not the comic book character). You’ll fight her off, after which she’ll abscond with Bosch, leaving you to wonder when you’ll be able to learn her style.

You’ll have to make your way through a large chunk of World Tour before you see her again though, as Juri is next found in a Sub Quest called “A Hardboiled Adventure”, which only unlocks after completing Chapter 11-4, which sees you signing up for the Nayshall Outlaw Pankration Tournament. After you’ve signed up, some new side quests will appear on the map, including “A Hardboiled Adventure” near the Nayshall Bazaar.

The quest concerns a man who’s lying unconscious on the ground, while the detective, Govind, investigating the scene recruits you to find out what happened. Speak to the man from across the bazaar, who’ll tell you the victim was speaking to the tailor. Head over to the tailor, and she’ll mention seeing a woman on a motorcycle hanging around in the back alleys at night. Considering Juri made her entrance in England pulling off the Akira bike slide, it’s safe to say that she’s now trapped in your web.

In order to explore Old Nayshall at night, you’ll need to reach Chapter 12-1, which unlocks the hideout in that area. Head over to the hideout, rest until nightfall, then make your way over to the back alley. Once there, you’ll be confronted by Govind, who you’ll have to beat in a fight. At this point in the story, he’s a bit of a pushover, so beat him down, complete the sub quest and head down the alleyway to meet Juri once again.

Speak to her, and almost immediately you’ll end up in a fight with her. Naturally, she’s a lot tougher than Govind, and she’s stronger than your previous match with her, so make sure you’ve got plenty of healing items on you. Her low projectiles in particular can be quite bothersome, but with enough patience and perseverance, you’ll come out on top. After the fight, pick all the options that don’t involve you walking away, and you’ll have another master.

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