Street Fighter 6 World Tour – Dhalsim Master Guide

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Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter’s master of Yoga might sell an unrealistic expectation for one of the oldest practices in the world, as no one can gain elasticated limbs and the ability to breath fire from a bunch of stretching alone. Still, Dhalsim’s mastery over his variant of Yoga can still be quite the highly sought after martial art, which is why he can become one of your masters in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode.

A Street Fighter character steeped in history, even if most of it is players that are salty about how far is punches and kicks go, Dhalsim is a core part of the franchise, and the same is true here in Street Fighter 6. With that in mind, this is everything you need to know about making Dhalsim your master in Street Fighter 6.


Street Fighter 6 World Tour | Dhalsim Master Guide

During Chapter 9-2, after you’ve returned from the Aircraft Carrier Byron Taylor and met Guile, you’ll be greeted with a new batch of sub quests. One of them is situated in the Bayside Park area of Metro City during the daytime, where you’ll find a citizen by the name of Anik. Anik preaches the fire-breathing and levitating powers of yoga, offering to sell you a yoga statue that could help unlock your own yoga powers for 7000 zenny. Pony up the cash, and you’ll be one Rare Stone Statue richer.

You might be wondering how a stone statue leads you to sitting at the learning tree of Dhalsim, and you won’t be surprised to learn it doesn’t. Head to same place in Metro City at night and you’ll find Anik once again, where he’ll briefly try to sell you another statue before clocking you as that “rube” from earlier. One scrap later, and Anik will lament his status as a shyster before handing you a plane ticket to India to see the real deal when it comes to Yoga.

Once you arrive in India and nearly start a fight with an elephant, you’ll meet Dhalsim before being given control over your character. Walk on over to the floating stretchy lad, and state your intent to train under him, and he’ll gladly accept you as a student.

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