Street Fighter 6 World Tour – A.K.I. Master Guide

"Master... I'll make you proud."

Street Fighter 6 AKI
Street Fighter 6 AKI

We’ve gushed in the past already about how excellent Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode is, especially for how well it integrates the world and characters of Street Fighter, but perhaps the best feature of it is the fact that DLC characters are also available to find in the World Tour too. We’ve already covered how to find the parkour master Rashid, but if you’ve got the taste for some poison, maybe A.K.I. will be more your speed. Here’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Street Fighter 6’s new poison based fighter, A.K.I., in World Tour.


Street Fighter 6 World Tour A.K.I. Location Explained

Street Fighter 6 Fang
Street Fighter 6 Fang

In order to find A.K.I. in the World Tour mode, you’ll need to progress to at least Chapter 7. This is because one of the characters you’ll need to speak to in the quest that unlocks A.K.I. can be found in the Downtown area of Metro City, which only unlocks in Chapter 7. It might be later than that though, as we unlocked A.K.I. using a completed World Tour save.

In any case, during the daytime in Metro City, you’ll find a quest icon taking you to Chinatown to speak with a citizen called Lao Mao. She can be found stood right next to Chun-Li. Speak to her, and she’ll ask you for an energy drink to help her feel better, which starts the “Good Medicine’s Hard To Come By” mission. Hand an energy drink over, and she’ll then ask you to find a healer known as Fang Fei in order to properly fix what ails her. Street Fighter 5 players will know Fang Fei as F.A.N.G., the gangly limbed poison thrower who now has a new protege.

Anyway, you’ll then be directed to head over to the Mike Hagger Memorial Stadium, where Fang Fei can be found underneath the stairs on the left-hand side of the building. Speak to Fang, and he’ll say that he needs some ingredient to concoct this new healing item for Lao Mao. In order to find them, you’ll need to head to China, which will unlock the Tian Hong Yuan teahouse location on the World Map.

Open up the World Map and travel to Tian Hong Yuan, and you’ll immediately be treated to a cutscene introducing you to the eccentric A.K.I.. At this point, all you need to do is watch the cutscenes as they unfold, and A.K.I. will agree to become your master, allowing you to increase your bond with her and learn her special moves.

If you’re looking to increase your bond with A.K.I. quickly, Capcom have also added a new mission to Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode called “The Secret Sentient Sidekick”, which can also be found in Metro City during the day at the SiRN Building. Completing this mission gives players the Japanese Horseradish gift item, which can only be given to A.K.I., and will earn you 40 Bond points immediately. The mission itself sees you fighting enemies that are level 60-70+ though, so unless you’re incredible at fighting games, you might want to either stock up on healing items before this mission, or hit that level up grind.

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