Street Fighter 6 World Tour – Rashid Master Guide

"The wind is always by my side!"

Street Fighter 6 Rashid
Street Fighter 6 Rashid

One of the best parts of the DLC for Street Fighter 6 is the fact that every new character will become available as a Master in the game’s World Tour mode, the massive RPG-like mode that serves as an extended tutorial for Street Fighter 6 proper.

As Rashid is the first DLC character for Street Fighter 6, those who have purchased the Year 1 Character Pass will no doubt be excited to learn when they’ll be able to acquire Rashid’s moves for their avatar. With that in mind, this is everything you need to know about becoming Rashid’s student in Street Fighter 6’s World Tour mode.


How to Unlock Rashid as Your Master

Street Fighter 6
Street Fighter 6

Unfortunately for a lot of players, you’ll need to complete a large majority of the World Tour mode in order for Rashid to become your master. Players will need to unlock the Nayshall location, which is only available at the start of Chapter 9. On top of that, the sub quest to unlock Rashid as a master is only found at night-time, which can be accessed from Chapter 12.

In order to access this sub-quest, head over to Nayshall, swing by your hideout and rest until night-time. After doing that, you’ll find three curious looking fellows stood near the hideout looking incredibly fancy. The guy in the middle, Azam, is the one you want to talk to, as he served as Rashid’s attendant/butler in Street Fighter 5. Speak to him, and he’ll recruit you to aid in the training of attendants for the Nayshalli Royal Family. Basically, he wants you to go out and find buff dudes.

After speaking with Azam, you’ll be given a waypoint to the north of Nayshall near the Commerce Plaza fast travel point. Here, you’ll find Rashid himself conducting a shoot of his own. Approach him, and a short cutscene will play where Rashid manages to be both badass and clumsy all at once. After the cutscene, you’ll recruit Rashid and immediately be whisked off to meet Azam, where another animated cutscene will play.

Once you’ve gone through both of those cutscenes, you’ll be thrusted straight into a best of three round match with Rashid. He’s level 45, so he could be tricky for those who haven’t already finished the World Tour mode, but he’s definitely not the toughest challenge this game has to offer. Be careful, use your items as you need to, and you’ll ultimately come out on top against the master of the Turbulent Wind.

After defeating Rashid in this high-stakes, everything on the line battle, he’ll thank you for the fight then state that he’s usually hanging around the Nayshall train station during the day. Go back to your hideout, switch over to the day-time once again then head off to the train station to find Rashid on the platform living his best streamer life. Speak to him, and you’ll have netted yourself an extra master. Be sure to sure the powers of wind and parkour responsibly.

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