Stray: Scratch Trophy Guide (Scratch The Vinyl In The Club)


Scratch is a trophy and achievement for Stray that asks players to scratch vinyl at the nightclub.

(NOTE: not to be confused with the Territory trophy, which asks players to scratch the environment in every chapter.)

The club in question is part of the main storyline and cannot be missed, though bear in mind that you cannot re-enter it after you leave and you cannot enter it before you do certain things in Midtown.

Once inside, head to the leftmost tables, jump on top, and press triangle to pick up the vinyl. Then, take it to the turntable and press triangle to place it down. Press triangle again and then alternate pressing L2 and R2 to begin scratching and “remix” the track.

The Scratch trophy should then pop and you will be one step closer to your Platinum trophy.

Stray is available on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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