Stray: How To Meow

Stray meow
Stray meow

Meowing is a big feature of Stray, with the player using it to attract attention for stealth sections and also to be very cute. You know your game is going to be a popular one among cat fans when you have a dedicated meow button.

To meow in Stray, press circle on your controller. You should hear the sound coming through both your TV and the DualSense. There’s a slight delay between each meow and it seems different each time, so sadly there’s no chance you can turn it into some kind of cat song.

Players will need to meow 100 times to unlock the A Little Chatty silver trophy for Stray. You can just sit there and hit circle over and over until the trophy pops.

Stray is available on PC, PS5, and PS4.

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