Starbreeze Bringing Payday 2 To Nintendo Switch

Payday 2
Payday 2

The current games on the Nintendo Switch are lacking violence and mayhem. Link can pull a Legolas, sure, but there isn’t nearly enough bloodshed and crime for my liking.

Here comes Starbreeze to save the day with Payday 2: the massively popular heist game that’s now available on every platform ever conceived, including the Spectrum and Nokia N-Gage. Here’s the reveal trailer:

Revealed at Nintendo Direct, you really have to hope that this version of Payday is closer to the PC version than other consoles. The Xbox and Playstation versions have effectively been left behind and are full to the brim with bugs, so here’s hoping that isn’t the case again. It would be nice if it could avoid some of those gross microtransactions, too.

Payday 2 is out on Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. Pumped? Let us know.

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