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Star Wars Rogue One Set to Smash December Box Office Records

When Disney announced that they would be expanding the Star Wars cinematic universe with spin-offs and new stories, this is probably the exact result they were hoping for and the reason why they spent such an absurd amount of money on acquiring the license in the first place.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story has been predicted to batter all-time December box office records and only be beaten by The Force Awakens for the top spot. The ol’ one-two.

According to Variety, Rogue One is on course to ease its way past older records and fetch between an estimated $120 million and $150 million domestically over its opening weekend, which when combined with the $150 million expected to come in internationally provides plenty of funds to make the Watto spin-off trilogy we all so desperately crave.

The almost inevitable swagger to the top of the box office is helped by how little competition there is. Apart from a couple of low-key dramas that will appeal to people looking to watch anything other than Star Wars, there’s no challengers to be seen.

Early reviews have been positive, with this one from The Hollywood Reporter summing it up quite nicely.

“Rogue One definitely puts the war back into Star Wars. It may call itself rogue, but this first standalone feature in the series officially unconnected with any of the previous entries fits comfortably in the universe George Lucas birthed 40 years ago.”

The film will be out on December 16th.

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Source Variety


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