Spider-Man: Homecoming: 5 Things We Want To See

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It’s reboot time again for our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man. This time we have Tom Holland in the red and blue fresh off his scene-stealing turn in Civil War. With Marvel finally being able to work out a deal with Sony, fans have been granted their wish of Spider-Man being back in the hands of those who know him best – a homecoming, if you will.

So with a Peter Parker able to interact with an already broad roster of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully they can deliver on the many hopes we have for this iteration. Let’s go through some points that we would love to see in Spider-Man: Homecoming.


1. Peter In High School

Spider-Man Homecoming
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Out of the two cinematic iterations of Spider-Man so far, only Garfield’s first outing properly showed how Peter coped with life in high school. However, I don’t think we’ve seen a true representation of seeing Peter struggle through High school.

Peter does not find it easy to talk to girls, he’s socially awkward, he’s bullied by any number of people and, all in all, a bit of a nerd. When he puts on the suit, that’s when he can become who he truly is.

That’s not to say that the daily struggles of Peter Parker are any less important. This is what makes Peter so relatable to not only his target audience, but all ages. At some point in our lives, we would have all been through what Peter has.

It’s the way he handles himself and the responsibility of who he is that makes him such a great character. It looks like we will be getting that in Homecoming. I just hope it’s not for a few scenes and given the time it deserves to set up the foundations of our hero.


2. Balancing The Tones

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While humour and light-hearted moments are to be expected in a Spider-Man film, it’s important to still have those darker and challenging themes. It looks like we will be getting this with Tony taking away the new suit from Peter.

It looks like Peter will have to go old school and answer that question nearly superhero has to answer at some point: Does the suit make the man or does the man make the suit?

It fits nicely within the Marvel universe for Tony to be doing this to Peter. Since Iron Man 3 obviously deals with Tony asking himself those questions. So if anybody is qualified to question another heroes credentials, it’s Tony.

But of course we still want all the charm, quips, one liners and pop culture references that make Spider-Man who he is. I’m sure he’ll have plenty of those for a guy who shocks things and a giant bird man.


3. Return Of The Bugle

J Jonah Jameson
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After the last Spider-Man reboot foolishly neglected to have the Daily Bugle in either film, with even J. Jonah Jameson being reduced to a couple of emails, this latest offering will surely see the return of these fan favourites at some point.

Although Peter is currently in high school, it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibility for him to go for an internship at the Bugle. This would pave the way for the famed back and forth relationship Peter has with JJ.

While this outing may have a bit too much going on to have the Bugle, it would be great to see the seeds planted for Peter’s inevitable career at the best tabloid newspaper in the city, as JJ would have you believe anyway.


4. Aunt May

Marisa Tomei Aunt May
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The scenes we got with Tony and Aunt May were great to see in Civil War. Tony was basically saying what everyone in the audience was thinking: Aunt May is now an Aunt Hottie.

This latest version of Aunt May is clearly based on the later Spider-Man comics where Aunt May has been made significantly younger than her more familiar character appearance, a feature that is sure to provide a lot more humour and possibilities for the character.

Marvel will hopefully continue to provide surprises like this to well known characters. Even the most subtle of character changes can be used to help provide storylines that wouldn’t have been thought of before.

Although, as much fun as they had with the possibility of an Aunt May and Uncle Tony situation developing, I don’t think that storyline will happen soon. But you never know with Tony, I guess. I mean, what is happening with him and Pepper anyway?


5. Worthwhile villains

Spider-Man homecomign vulture
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As good as Marvel have been at creating their cinematic universe, a common complaint about is the use of villains. With only really Loki coming to mind as one of the few to intrigue fans, Marvel really needs to start correcting this problem.

Spider-Man is up there with almost any hero for having a brilliant rogue’s gallery. It would a huge disservice to some brilliant characters if they were not properly realised. This time we are getting Shocker and The Vulture as the main villains.

I’m no expert on either character but I doubt they are going to go for The Vulture’s comic abilities of draining the youth from people when he grabs them. The main issue is to make these villains memorable.

As long as we are given engaging motives and a very real threat to Spider-Man, it should go a long way to giving us the villains we’ve been crying out for.

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