Soundfall Has The Potential To Be The Next Big Indie Hit

We're kicking off our EGX 2018 coverage with one of the highlights from the Rezzed section.

It’s quite possible that Soundfall takes the title as one of my favourite games at EGX 2018, outside of Soulcalibur VI of course. It’s high praise coming from a guy who simply cannot stop talking about the weapon based fighter, but Soundfall is simply that good. It’s a rhythm based dungeon crawler/twin-stick shooter, and if that sounds like a weird combination of genres, it is. Fear not though, as Soundfall juggles these different influences effortlessly.

The control scheme itself couldn’t be simpler, as right trigger controls your gun, left trigger swings your melee weapon and left bumper allows you to dodge incoming attacks. So far, this description matches every other twin-stick shooter on the market, a few of which were also at EGX, so what makes Soundfall so different? It’s how cleverly it uses music during gameplay.

In a manner similar to Rez or Aaero, each level is its own song, and you’re tasked with completing said level before the song ends. The twist is that performing attacks on the beat buffs the attacks. Sword swings are longer and do more damage, bullets travels faster (along with doing more damage) and dashing is more effective.

It takes a few levels to get used to how things work, and if anything, Soundfall will spend the majority of that time proving how rhythmically challenged you might be, but once you get into the swing of things, it’s hard to put down. The amount of chaos that occurs on screen is insane, especially with four players, with no slowdown or stutter.

Naturally, Soundfall is at its best once played with noise cancelling headphones, as you can feel yourself more naturally getting in sync with the music. The racket of a convention had the potential to really distract players from the experience, but it’s amazing how immersive the game was once those headphones slipped on.

With a rough scheduled release date of 2019 set for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch, we’re a long way off before Soundfall becomes available to the general public, but this is definitely one to keep your eyes on. With more levels, characters and weapons in the pipeline, Soundfall looks very promising indeed.

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