I Give Up Trying To Figure Out Death Stranding

Death Stranding 2018

Legendary brain destroyer Hideo Kojima recently debuted a new trailer for his PS4 exclusive Death Stranding at TGS 2018. As per usual with each and every glimpse of the game since it was first revealed at E3 2016, it answers nothing and just creates a million new questions.

It’s the quickest glance yet at Death Stranding, which you can check out for yourself down below.

In it, we watch Sam walk across a muddy area before encountering a man in a golden face mask, who’s revealed to be voiced by none other than Troy Baker. The Man of Many Voices had previously been quizzed about appearing in Death Stranding after lending his talents in Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid series, to which he replied that he wasn’t. Looks like that was a Trojan horse. Sorry.

Baker’s character mentions that Sam looks like he has his hands full, at which point we are then introduced to another new character, who Sam is carrying around like a reverse kangaroo. The masked man then wastes no time in conjuring a beast from the black oil with the power of his mask before daring Sam to try and get past it without getting eaten. This might suggest that Death Stranding has some kind of combat whereas previous trailers have hinted that it may be more of a pacifist affair.

However, at this point, over two years removed from its first reveal, I have decided to just give up on theorising and wait for the thing to come out instead. Whenever you think you have it figured out, Kojima throws another curveball at you. Instead, I am just going to go along with the ride and eagerly tune in for PSX 2018 when we will presumably watch Nolan North give birth to one of the pod babies as del Toro rubs his back.

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