Sony Reportedly Limiting Stock Of PS5 In First Year

According to a report from Bloomberg.

PS5 logo

A report from Bloomberg has suggested that Sony are planning to produce less PS5 units during the first six months of its lifespan, compared to the launch of the PS4 during the same timeframe. The PS4 managed to sell 7.5 million during the first two quarters, while Sony are reporting planning to produce only 5 to 6 million units by March 2021.

In the report, it’s noted that one of the main reasons Sony are going through with this plan is because of the PS5’s impressive specs leading to a higher price at launch. It’d be assumed that the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic would also have an effect on the production of the new console, however the report states that the pandemic has had more of an effect on the promotional plans for the console rather than the production.

That said, the virus could still impact the production schedule of the PS5, as Sony employees are currently working from home and the board at Sony has currently been unable to approve business plans for the current fiscal year. Travel restrictions have also prevented Sony engineers from travelling out to China to direct the final adjustments before their assembly plants go into full production.

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