Sons of the Forest: Can You Fast Travel?

Sons of the Forest Fast Travel
Sons of the Forest Fast Travel

Sons of the Forest has a big, bad island to explore, a sandbox with so much worth exploring that it can take almost a little bit too long to get around it. If you’re needing to rest your weary toes (and save yourself a lot of time), you’re probably hoping to use fast travel in Sons of the Forest.

Unfortunately, there is no option for fast travel in Sons of the Forest, and neither are there are vehicles. Everywhere you go is going to have to be by foot.

However, there are a couple of way that you can get around the island quicker.

The first is to 3D Print a Sled by using Printer Resin. Equip it, then look down and left click to start sliding downhill. Curiously, you seem to be completely immune to fall damage, so it’s a great way of getting down from height in no time at all.

The second way to travel around the island a bit quicker is to get the Rope Gun, which basically creates ziplines to help you get over gaps and get across short-distance spaces quicker.

It’s a bit of a faff to find the Rope Gun, but the above video should point you in the right direction. It is a bit restrictive, in truth, as you can’t really make crazy long ziplines. It’s definitely better than walking everywhere though, plus you can make quite the fun base with them.

Elsewhere in Sons of the Forest, read up on the Stun Baton; the results may stun you.

Sons of the Forest is available on PC.

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