Sons of the Forest: How To Dry/Cure Meat & Fish

Sons of the Forest curing meat
Sons of the Forest curing meat

Everyone who played the first game will know how good drying/curing food is to keep your food better for longer, and it’s the same in Sons of the Forest. It’s far better for your meat and fish to cure it than to cook it, as it will take far, far longer to go rotten than cooking.

To dry your meat in Sons of the Forest, you first have to build a Drying Rack, which requires 13x sticks. Sticks are found very commonly around the world; if Kelvin’s not doing much for you already, go and ask him to collect them and save you the effort.

Once you have the sticks, press B then select Storage > Drying Rack. Place the outline wherever you want, then keep clicking the left mouse button until it’s fully built. With raw meat in your inventory, select one of the hooks then press E and finally place your raw meat on the hook. It seems to take roughly a day or so for raw meat to dry and taking raw meat off the rack and then placing it back on appears to restart the process.

Bear in mind that eating dried meat will also make you thirstier, and that it will still go rotten. We noticed that dried meat tended to rot after 6 or so days, whereas cooked meat spoiled after 3 or so.

If you’re as obsessed with Sons of the Forest as we are, be sure to read up on to find some water so you aren’t constantly on death’s door, and also how to make shelter.

Sons of the Forest is available on PC.

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