Snooker’s Legacy by Paul Shadinger REVIEW

Matt Preston is back in the United States after a dangerous mission in the Middle East, where he narrowly escaped death.

snooker's legacy

In Paul Shadinger’s mystery novel, Snooker’s Legacy, realistic conversations and an admirable character drive the plot. More exhilarating are the surprising turns tacked away in unexpected places within the story.

Matt Preston is back in the United States after a dangerous mission in the Middle East where he narrowly escaped death. Still, he is struggling to move forward from the horrific experiences he endured during the mission. When his friend, a current US Senator, approaches him for help and explains his desire to run for president, Matt knows he has to help him. But Matt is unsure whether he is in the right state of mind to take on another adventure.

The Senator briefs Matt about his past – specifically, about a secret he has hidden for so long that could ruin all of the Senator’s political ambitions. Matt gets to work trying to unravel the past. As soon as he begins digging, the opposition to what he is doing begins too. Unsettling secrets come to light as those involved try to resist Matt’s attempts.

As a federal agent, Matt has built firm friendships along the way. The friendships give a fuller picture of Matt’s life, revealing his dependability and integrity. The action scenes in the novel are brought to life by riveting violence from the perpetrators, and the disturbing and pitiful reactions of the victims.

Matt’s love life adds another captivating strand to the plot. Still unsure of his own future, he continues to drift from place to place meeting different people and questioning his desire to settle down.

Underneath the action and drama in the novel, Snooker’s Legacy reflects Matt’s own growth. He leaves the Middle East broken and with an uncertain future. Throughout the discoveries, Matt reaffirms his love for Lois and slowly begins to heal from his past trauma.

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The swift pace of the plot paralleled with the main character’s personal progress makes Snooker’s Legacy enthralling. While remaining heroic, Matt continues to appear authentic throughout.

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