SNK’s Terry Bogard Now Available In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

More music than man.

Terry Bogard

During a special livestream, Nintendo revealed that SNK’s Terry Bogard, the fourth DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s Fighters Pass, will be available from today, bringing with him a new stage, new mechanics and a host of new music tracks. Check out the announcement trailer below.

One of the first aspects of Terry’s character players will notice is how you can use special inputs to perform more powerful versions of his attacks, similar to Ryu and Ken. He can also cancel normal attacks into special attacks, and unlocks powerful Super Special Moves once his health goes past 100%. Terry is also the first character to have different special moves mapped to left or right + B.

His stage, The King of Fighters Stadium, features cameo appearances from a host of SNK characters, such as Rock and Geese Howard from Fatal Fury, or Kyo Kusanagi from KoF. The stage is also the first of its kind to feature walls that require players to be at a higher percentage to break through, though powerful smash attacks near the wall will do the job just fine. The DLC pack will also come with 50 music tracks, which is just ludicrous. I love it.

The launch of Terry also comes with additional Mii Fighter costumes, which include outfits inspired by Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown, Ryo Sakazaki from Art Of Fighting, King of Fighter’s Iori Yagami along with Akira & Jacky from Virtua Fighter. Will you be picking up the Terry Bogard DLC for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? Sound off in the comments.

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