Skyrim Mod The Forgotten City Launching As A Standalone This Summer

Coming to PC and consoles.

The Forgotten City

Developer Modern Storyteller and publisher Dear Villagers have announced that The Forgotten City, a former Skyrim mod, will now be released as a standalone game on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and the Nintendo Switch this summer. You can check out the announcement trailer at the top of the page.


What Is The Forgotten City?

In The Forgotten City, you play as a time-traveller who’s brought back to an underground city in Ancient Rome. The city is occupied by 23 citizens who are forced to live by a mysterious Golden Rule, and if the rule is broken, all the citizens are killed, meaning you’ll have to reset back to the beginning of the time loop. Using the multiple loops, and the knowledge you learn through the game’s non-linear storytelling, you need to figure out what’s going on in order to save the lives of those trapped in the city. With multiple endings, that plan might not go so well for everyone.

Interestingly, The Forgotten City was initially developed as a mod for Skyrim, winning a National Writers’ Guild award for its story and receiving over 3 million downloads. This standalone version will be familiar to those who have played the mod before, but it has been expanded in a lot of ways to be worthy of becoming its own game.

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