Single of the Week: ZGTO – Off Dat

Photo credit: Jon DeCola

Detroit is an incredible crucible of musical creativity, an ever-changing landscape, and part of the reason for this is because it’s a web. Everyone knows everyone and collaborative efforts are common, yet often surprising. For instance, Ghostly International’s master champion Shigeto has just teamed up with ZeelooperZ, a member of Danny Brown’s Bruiser Brigade collective. Together, they form ZGTO, and they’ve announced an album already, due out on August 5th.

Stylistically, they’re a match made in heaven, not because they’re similar but because they push each other into new avenues. The single, Off Dat, sounds nothing like their previous work. Shigeto’s production is low, mellow and sinister, I’d hesitate to called it trappy, but the crispness of the snares certainly evokes that kind of vibe, in the best possible way. ZeelooperZ meanwhile is lax on the gritty, throaty proclamations he broke on tracks like Elevators, opting instead for a spooky tonal seesaw of deep distortions high notes.

The single and the album are the result of two years of quiet experimentation, with no fixed destination in mind. It’s almost as if they just wanted to see what would happen, and this is the bizarre, wonderful result.

You can pre-order A Piece of the Geto here.

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