Single of the Week: Manzanita Falls – Between the Stories (Exclusive Video Premiere)

Indie rock is a tough nut to crack. It’s remarkably easy to slip into mediocrity before you’ve even gotten off the ground, but if you venture into the genre entirely by accident, it’s helps. It also helps if you’ve got a healthy supply of emotional context feeding your working, and both of these things are true of Manzanita Falls. When Jeremy McCarten started recording the material which eventually fuelled the band’s formation, he was an acoustic solo act. Seven years later, his band are bringing out album number two.

This is where the emotional context comes in, as four years ago during a tour the band had a brush with death, and it was that experience which formed the framework for their upcoming release – Abilene. ‘Between the Stories’ is the leading track, and just for you lucky people, we’re premiering the video exclusively here at CV.

It’s a potent, affecting song, inspired by a friend of the band who, by the sounds of it, has been through the wringer more times than the average Joe. The video, meanwhile, features the band playing in a barn while a woman follows a length of string across what appears to be a fairly sizeable chunk of California. I could tell you where the string ends up taking her, but that’d be too easy. All I’ll say is that there aren’t any Minotaurs involved.

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