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Single of the Week: Jordan Rakei – Midnight Mischief (Tom Misch Remix)

Some of you may think that touting a remix as Single of the Week is a tad unconventional, and to them I say: listen to this tune, then tell me that again. Jordan Rakei has been clambering his way up the soul and RnB ladder for about 3 years now, and every time he dropped a new track you knew it going to be something special. Both of his previous EPs – Franklin’s Room and Groove Curse – oozed with beat-driven atmosphere, fronted by his soulful voice, which falls somewhere between James Blake and Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay, if you can imagine such a thing.

Last week, the Brisbanian wunderkind released his first full length album, Cloak. It’s absolutely magnificent, but listen to what happens when prodigious 21-year-old producer Tom Misch gets ahold of it. His remix of the album’s first track, ‘Midnight Mischief’ (I see what you did there), does everything a remix should do. It pays dividends to the quality of the original track, retaining all the tonal loveliness, whilst applying Misch’s own funky hip-hop sensibilities. These two are a match made in heaven, and hopefully this isn’t the last time they come together.


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