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Single of the Week: Fliptrix – Thunder Clouds

Any new High Focus release is worth getting up and jumping for, but this goes doubly so when Fliptrix is the culprit. One quarter of the Four Owls, his solo work is some of the deepest, hardest hitting hip-hop on the market, and at the end of this week his new album Patterns of Escapism will be here. In the mean time, we’ve got ‘Thunder Clouds’. Produced by Illinformed, the track sees Fliptrix rapping about mortality, politics, existentialism and yes, the weather.

Illinformed remains one of the best producers in the game and, as with the title track, which dropped a few weeks ago, he shines. Lyrically both the tracks delve pretty deep, either bouncing around inside Fliptrix’s head or broaching on wider issues. He’s starting to remind me of Skittles, or at least the Skittles we saw on Poor with £100 Trainers, a storyteller more interested in weaving tales around beats than stacking them up to build a podium to stand on. Patterns of Escapism drops on Friday, keep an eye out for it.


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