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Single of the Week: The Cinematic Orchestra – To Believe feat. Moses Sumney

Few feelings are as overwhelmingly exciting as the prospect of a new Cinematic Orchestra album. It’s been 9 years since the gorgeous, sweeping Ma Fleur was released and 14 since their opus, Every Day. TCO are one of the most astoundingly diligent collections of music talent in the world, which is part of the reason why we’ve had to wait so long between albums, they want to get them as close to perfect as they can. If this first release from the as yet unnamed new LP is anything to go by, that standard has been maintained.

‘To Believe’ is an achingly beautiful piece of music, a rising, wailing swell of strings further enlivened by an amazing vocal offering from Moses Sumney. On his Facebook, he relayed the fact that he used to listen to TCO as a teenager, and how honoured he was to now feature on one of their tracks. This will be the first exposure to Sumney for many, but far from the last, as his singing on this tune is enough to draw tears from eyes so arid that they look like the surface of the Atacama. Sumney will also be joining TCO for their upcoming London shows to perform the song live.


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