Single of the Week: Bonobo – Samurai

It feels like only a few blinks of an eye have passed since Bonobo (aka Simon Green) released Migration, arguably his strongest album to date, and already he’s got new material out. Yesterday the British born, L.A. based producer surprised everyone by dropping Bambro Koyo Granda. Named for one of the more prominent tracks on Migration, the EP features the original and all new analogue versions of said track and an entirely new one – ‘Samurai’.

It has a somewhat different feel to the rest of Green’s recent output. Although the melodic rises and falls are similar, the distorted beat and vocal samples harken back to some of his earlier dance material. The final rise that happens in the final two minutes of the track is a spellbinding burst of energy.

Meanwhile, just to sweeten the deal, Green has also released a VR version of another recent tune – ‘Outlier’. Working with Horizons VR, Green has created a flying tour through various landscapes which you can control using Google’s Daydream controller. The terrain is generated in real time. I can’t speak for how that actually feels myself, but I think ‘amazing’ is probably a safe bet.

You can download or stream the full EP here.

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