Sigma & Role Queue Beta Now Live For All Overwatch Players

Just realised that headline makes it sound like Role Queue is a new character.


Overwatch’s 31st hero, the tank Sigma, has exited the PTR on PC and is now live on all platforms, meaning your opponents will have to worry about getting launched into the sky and slammed into the ground on a regular basis. To celebrate, the fine folks over at Blizzard have debuted a new trailer showcasing his abilities. Check it out below.

Sigma is a game-changing hero with a lot of unique abilities. His Hyperspheres are short range projectiles that do decent damage, while his Experimental Barrier propels forward to a location of Sigma’s choosing. He can absorb projectiles with Kinetic Grasp, turning the damage into shields, and his Accretion ability sees him throwing a giant rock at opponents, with greater stun being dealt the further it travels. Finally, his ultimate ability, Gravitic Flux, launches enemies in a target area into the sky before slamming them back down.

Alongside Sigma, the highly requested Role Queue feature has now entered its beta phase on all platforms, with the current competitive season being used to test out the feature. Role Queue enforces a 2/2/2 composition, with two tanks, two support and two damage dealers. Players pick their role before they start matchmaking and are locked in when the match begins, though players are free to switch characters within that class in-game.

The season will last until September 1st, at which point role queue will go live for Competitive and Quick Play modes. Meanwhile, the Arcade Mode currently has No Limits as part of the rotation, so if you want 6 Sigmas versus 6 Sigmas, you know what to do.

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