Here’s 24 Minutes Of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer In Glorious 4K

Still waiting for the "HEADQUARTERS LOCATED" voice line from the original MW.

Modern Warfare

Ahead of the much-anticipated launch on October 25th for PS4, Xbox One and PC, Infinity Ward have published 24 minutes of multiplayer footage for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that doesn’t feature over-exuberant influencers shouting over the action. God it looks great. Check it out below with your eyeballs.

The footage showcases gameplay for five different modes across five maps, with Domination and Big Team Domination, Cyber Attack (a new variant on Search and Destroy), Headquarters and the Realistic version of Team Deathmatch, which takes place on night variants of the game’s maps. We also see maps like Azhir Cave and Hackney Yard, along with their night time equivalents, Gun Runner, Aniyah Palace and Grazna Raid.

Those expecting some kind of grand reinvention of the multiplayer because of the new gameplay engine might be disappointed to learn its the same fast-paced shooter it always has been, though it’s genuinely nice to see a contemporary or near future version of Call of Duty without grapple hooks, wall-running, gravity spikes and other such nonsense. It’s simple, boots on the ground gameplay, and that’s absolutely fine by me.

That said, the night time versions of the maps featured in the realistic mode add a new layer of tension to the game. From the footage shown, it looks like the pace of the game slows down as players try to kill each other without giving away their position. It looks good here, but we still reckon it’ll be ruined by no-scopers when the general public gets hold of it.

Those who can’t wait until October to get hold of Modern Warfare can look forward to some betas in September. The first closed beta will kick off for those who pre-ordered on PS4 on September 12th, with the beta opening to all PS4 players on September 14th and running until September 16th. The week after will test cross-play, with PC and Xbox One pre-orders joining another PS4 open beta on September 19th, with a fully open beta then beginning on September 21st and running until September 23rd. Are you looking forward to Modern Warfare? Sound off in the comments.

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