Shadow Warrior 3 Announced, Full Gameplay Reveal This Weekend

Lo Wang'ing fruit.

Shadow Warrior 3

Flying Hog Games and Devolver Digital have announced Shadow Warrior, the next instalment of the rebooted FPS series, which will be coming to Steam at some point in 2021. Check out the debut trailer below.

In Shadow Warrior 3, you’ll once again control the corporate assassin turned supernatural ass kicker Lo Wang as he teams with his former employer, then enemy and now friend in Orochi Zilla to recapture a dragon they unwittingly unleashed upon the world. In order to take down the dragon, and the hordes of supernatural goons in their way, Lo Wang will come equipped with plenty of magical skills, weapons and free-running abilities to survive whatever comes his way.

A full gameplay reveal has been confirmed for the Devolver Digital Direct, which is set to take place this Saturday, though the game has only been confirmed for a PC release so far at some point in 2021. That said, the two previous Shadow Warrior games have made their way to console, so we should expect to see Lo Wang dicing up some demons on consoles, perhaps the PS5 and Xbox Series X, at some point after the PC launch.

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