Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Getting Free Update, Adds Gauntlets & More

It's dropping on October 29th.


Activision have announced that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, one of the most popular games of last year, will be receiving a free update this year that adds a number of significant features to the game, including a new Gauntlet mode and a way for players to interact with each other.

The update, which launches on October 29th, was detailed over on the Activision website, and the main addition is the Reflections and Gauntlets of Strength. Using the Sculptor’s Idols, players can take on any previously defeated boss via Reflections of Strength. Meanwhile, the Gauntlets of Strength tasks players to beat every boss in a single life. That’s certainly one hell of an endurance challenge. Players will also unlock two out of three additional outfits when completing these modes, with a third unlocked by finishing the game.

The other huge addition is Remnants, which allow players to leave 30 second recordings of what they’ve accomplished in-game for other players to find, along with a written message. It’s similar to the messages and deaths that players can find when playing Dark Souls, only more focused on accomplishments than failures. FromSoftware are hoping players will use the Remnants as a way of guiding new players towards new paths. Just be sure to rate the Remnant, as it’ll give the player who left it a health boost.

Will you be playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice when the new update drops? Sound off in the comments.

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