Dino Shooter Second Extinction Coming To Xbox Game Preview Soon

Friendship with Dino Crisis ended, now Second Extinction is my best friend.

Developer Systemic Reaction has revealed that Second Extinction, the three player co-op dino shooter that’s published by Avalanche Studios, will be making its way to Xbox Game Preview this Spring. You can check out the Xbox specific trailer at the top of the page.


What Is Second Extinction?

As mentioned, Second Extinction is a dinosaur centred co-op shooter that sees three players team together to eliminate hordes of angry and hungry dinos. Of course, these aren’t your regular dinosaurs, as you’ll often square off with electric raptors and gargantuan dinosaurs, but you’ll find your arsenal is more than capable of matching up. Intriguingly, your actions, victories and defeats, will play into a larger community war against the dinos, so you better make sure you take them all out.

Second Extinction is already available now on PC via Early Access, but the developers are excited to bring the game to the Xbox. In a press release, game director Simon Vickers says: “Since the launch of Second Extinction in Steam Early Access, we have been able to add new features and tweak old ones with greater confidence, building something better with each update. It only feels right to finally say how excited we are that Second Extinction is coming to the Xbox Game Preview program this spring! We can’t wait to welcome Xbox players to the community.”

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