Sea of Thieves Gets First Content Update Next Month

Sea of Thieves

Opinion on Rare’s latest offering may be divisive, but there’s one thing people can agree on: the game needs more content if it’s going to survive. Rare understands this more than anyone, so over the weekend they announced the first content update which is scheduled to go live next month. It’s called The Hungering Deep, which we can only assume involves a seafood buffet. Maybe.

In a new developer diary, or “Inn-Side Story”, executive producer Joe Neate laid out the content plans for the year ahead, beginning with The Hungering Deep. This new update will introduce a new A.I. enemy to contend with, which crews will have to work together to defeat, along with some new gameplay mechanics, new rewards and more.

Beyond that, five more content updates are planned for the rest of 2018, but only two have been revealed so far. Cursed Sails will introduce a whole new type of ship, whilst Forsaken Shores will add some new locations to the world map. All updates will include new threats, rewards and gameplay elements to help keep Sea of Thieves interesting.

If the idea of regular content updates isn’t enough for you, you selfish bastard, you can also look forward to weekly events that’ll add new mechanics to the game or task you with working towards a certain goal. Seems like your list of things to do will be filling up soon enough. All of this content will be delivered to all players at no additional cost as well, so a few months from now, Sea of Thieves might just realise its potential.

Are you still one of those pirates sailing the Sea of Thieves? Are you looking forward to these planned updates? Let us know in the comments below, and check out what we thought of the game right here.

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