Rust Halloween 2020: What You Need To Know

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Rust Halloween 2020
Rust Halloween 2020

As if the idea of a fresh spawn sat outside your door with an eoka wasn’t spooky enough, this October will see the Halloween update for Rust making things a whole bunch spookier.

Halloween in Rust is a staple of the masochism calendar for players, but this year will bring with it a few tweaks to the formula. From new AI enemies to cosmetics, there’s a whole bunch of stuff going down this October in Rust.


When Does Rust Halloween 2020 Begin?

Rust’s Halloween update will kick off from October 26th, 2020 and conclude on November 5th, 2020, free for everyone who owns the game. There will be a file update.


What Is The Trick or Treat Event?

Rust’s Trick or Treat event will see players racing across the map to collect as many candies as they can in an event that will occur every two in-game days. The top 3 players who collect the most candy within the time limit will be rewarded with loot bags for, you guessed it, more loot.

Loot can range from something as simple as free resources to an M249, widely regarded as the most sought after gun in the game.

Players will also have to avoid the new NPC mummies, which are sure to make you want to type a very specific command into your debug as soon as you see them. To help during the candy hunt, players can also instantly pick up candies with the Pumpkin Bucket, while the Scarecrow Wrap will give players Candy Vision.

Anyone worried about realism in Rust may want to sit this one out.


What’s Coming To The Store?

The following items will be available in the store over the course of the Halloween event in Rust, new items are highlighted in bold:

Candle Pack
Cursed Cauldron
Fogger 3000
Mummy Underwear
Skull Spike
Skull Trophy
Strobe Light

Prices vary.


Cool, But What Is Rust?

Well, I’m not sure what brought you here if you’re not a fan of Rust already, but that’s fine.

Rust is a PVP survival game in which players compete to be the biggest gremlins on the server, hoovering up all the loot and striking fear into everyone else with their obscenely large bases. While players do have to keep their thirst and hunger meters topped up, the main focus is on staying alive against other players.

Permadeath isn’t a thing in Rust, if you get raided and someone else takes over your base, that’s more or less death on the server for you.

Rust is available now for PC. Console versions will launch at some time during some point in the future.

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