Rogue One Comes to Home Video Soon, Minus Any Deleted Scenes

Rogue One

Depending on where you shop, you can get a different Rogue One: A Star Wars Story according to

The Digital HD version comes out on March 24. On April 4, the $1 billion worldwide box office Star Wars movie will be released on Blu-Ray, On-Demand and DVD.

All of the versions will have cast interviews, background and Easter Eggs. Story creator, John Knoll, talks about how he came up with the idea. If you’re more interested in the visual side of Rogue One and the creation of that world, there’s Visions of Hope. Where will the saga go next? That’s covered in Epilogue.

There aren’t any of the reshoot scenes that everyone has been gossiping about. I suspect that they’ll come out in some future edition (if ever.)

But how about those bonuses? Well, three retailers are trotting out special versions to lure fans.

At Target, you get collectible packaging, five discs and two bonus features. Best Buy is offering four discs with “exclusive steelbook packaging” which might come in handy if you’re shipping it anywhere. Since I often have to send items overseas, it might be my choice. Walmart has only three discs but includes Galactic Connexions (from Topps) and K-2SO packaging.

If you’re a obsessive, you could buy one of each. For the rest of us, you’ll have to make a choice. Choose wisely. (Oops. Wrong movie series. Sorry, Indy.)

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