RimWorld: How To Install Mods


While RimWorld is, by itself, a sandbox with massive amounts of content, some of its flair might just seem odd or counterintuitive. To compensate for this, the game allows users to modify almost one-hundred percent of its gameplay, making new mechanics or adding more to existing ones.

That’s where mods – modifications – come in for RimWorld, with the game being supported by countless mods developed by the community over the years.

Even though modding can sound like a really complex thing to do, this RimWorld modding guide will show you that installing mods for RimWorld is just like playing under Phoebe Chillax: easy.


RimWorld Modding Guide

How To Install RimWorld Mods With Steam

If you’ve got RimWorld on Steam, you can install RimWorld mods with Steam Workshop. The process is quite straightforward:

  1. Go to RimWorld’s Steam Workshop.
  2. Search for the mod you want and click on its page.
  3. Read the mod’s description and make sure you won’t face compatibility issues.
  4. Click on the green Subscribe button.
  5. Wait for the mod to download, then start RimWorld.
  6. At the main menu, click on Mods, then activate the mod you just installed.


How To Install RimWorld Mods Manually

If you want, you can manually install mods by downloading them directly from the Internet. The safest place to head to is Ludeon Studios’ forums.

  1. Go to the forum’s section for released RimWorld mods.
  2. Find the mod you want and open its thread.
  3. Read the author’s post to see if there are compatibility issues or specific instructions.
  4. Download the mod by clicking on the download link (most links are based on GitHub, so you might have to download the mod there).
  5. Extract the mod’s main folder to your RimWorld mods folder (usually, Steam users have that folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RimWorld\Mods)
  6. Start up RimWorld.
  7. Click on Mods at the main menu and activate the mod you installed.


Recommended RimWorld Mods

There are as many RimWorld mods out there as the game allows, and that means a lot. That can make some players feel lost over which RimWorld mods they should pick.

Still, some mods are famous for how fun or useful they are. Here’s a list of a few of them:

EdB Prepare Carefully: Allows you to customize your own starting conditions the way you want.
Hospitality: Adds upon the mechanics of others visiting your colonies.
Combat Extended: Overhauls the way combat is handled by making it more realistic.
Realistic Rooms: Makes colonists have realistic room size requirements.
Dubs Bad Hygiene: Hygiene and water matter more, with toilets, sewage draining and other such logistics being a thing.
Factional War: Adds events that bring big-sized battles to your colony’s map, whether you want to participate in them or not.
Expanded Prosthetics and Organ Engineering: Works upon the mechanics of health procedures, allowing more bio-engineering options.

RimWorld is available now on PC.

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