Rick & Morty Announces Autumn Return

The down-to-earth show that's swarming with magic robots is coming back - so watch out for the hardcore fans rioting in the street.

rick and morty

Mere hours after the trailer for the fifth season of Black Mirror was released, there’s news from the other end of Moh’s sci-fi spectrum – Rick & Morty’s fourth season will be released this year.

The announcement was made at a WarnerMedia presentation in New York – shortly afterwards, the animated duo themselves took to Twitter to announce it to the world in their own inimitable style:

So, the new series is out in November. This November. November of 2019 is when Rick & Morty’s back. Got that? Good.

Whatever you might think of the pair’s shtick, this kind of anti-trailer is at least refreshing, compared to the more usual Summer-blockbuster style in which words fly at you very fast. Further, the creators know this is more than enough. Lest we forget, Rick & Morty is the modern go-to example for dangerously obsessed fanbases. It may no longer be 2017 and the Summer of Szechuan Sauce, in which McDonalds encouraged millions of fans to descend on their restaurants and abuse the staff, but those people are still out there – along, of course, with the silent majority of those now reluctant to seem too fond of the show.

Still, the decision to give nothing away is an apt one. The first season of Rick & Morty led fairly directly into the second, then the second ended on a cliffhanger, and the premiere of the third on April Fool’s Day 2017, months ahead of the bulk of the season, saw Rick pre-emptively declaring that run ‘the darkest year of our adventures’. However, the third also ended on that sitcom staple, the jolting return to the status quo. This all points to the series doing its best to begin again on a blank slate, back to the standard-issue nuclear family setting animated comedies love so well – but you never know.

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