REVIEW: Turnover – ‘Peripheral Vision’

Turnover peripheral vision
Turnover Peripheral Vision
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Emo/pop punk bands have never really been my cup of tea, but when I started college, I was opened up to a brand new genre of music and I am so very thankful for it. Especially being told about this band as their new album has been the soundtrack to my past few days.

If you don’t know (like I didn’t), Turnover are a pop punk/emo band from Virginia. They have just released their new album ‘Peripheral Vision’ and it’s quite different from their previous stuff. My friend that recommended the band and album to me described it as being a lot more “chilled and emo influenced” than ‘Magnolia’, their previous album and other albums and work before that.

After listening to the first song off of Magnolia and then listening to the first track of their newer album, you can immediately tell the difference in sound through the rhythm. I’m not a music expert and I’m only using my basic knowledge of rhythms and instruments but overall, the first track sets the mood and introduces the album very well. It starts off very quiet and mysterious and then brings in guitar with vocals following close behind. Before long, the entire set joins and creates the perfect introduction to a song and album.

As mentioned before, I am not the biggest emo/pop punk fan due to having very little knowledge of the genre but my friend’s recommendation was spot on. The overall feel of the album is very calming yet moving. Each song feels like it follows on from the previous, making it the perfect album for a bus journey or chilling out in the evening, but due to how much I love it, I’ve had it on non-stop. Being an instrument hoarder, I recognised how beautiful the guitar and bass guitar were played and featured within the tracks and they really add to the chilled out feeling of the album.

Some of my personal favourite tracks from the album would be “Hello Euphoria,” “Dizzy On the Comedown” and “Intrapersonal.” I love each of the tracks individually for many reasons but these 3 are my particular favourites due to the lyrics, chord progressions used and differing sound created within each.

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