REVIEW: Grimes – ‘REALiTi’

Grimes - Realiti

The onset of Spring is ushering us out of the most dismal winter in living memory and humanity is once again discovering reasons to enjoy being alive. Among them is four minutes and 20 seconds of new music from Grimes, everyone’s favourite pop-rave elf and the finest Canadian export since maple syrup.

‘Realiti’ is a track from an album’s worth of material that Grimes (aka Claire Boucher) had been working on in 2013 but which was lost in mysterious circumstances. Pity, as the one song that made it to us safely is an absolute gem; robot rhythms mixed with ethereal vocals and an ultra-catchy hook.

It’s the kind of song that feels like some sort of aural representation of hope. The feelgood factor is amplified even further by the accompanying video which shows Boucher rocking a handsome fringe, throwing shapes at various locations across Asia and generally being super-adorable.

Annoyingly, ‘Realiti’ only exists (for the time being anyway) as a video on Boucher’s official YouTube channel, intended as a thank you to everyone who shared her Asia tour experience in 2013. Perhaps as a means of of increasing her overall loveliness, she claims that the song hasn’t been produced properly owing to technical difficulties and is ‘a bit of a mess’.

To my ears it sounds absolutely perfect and I’m crossing all my fingers and toes she releases it as a standalone single while we bide our time for the release of her new album which is she currently beavering away on. Until then, I’m firing up YouTube and putting this track on repeat while I bounce around my kitchen and make tea.

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