Resident Evil 4 Soundtrack Coming To Vinyl This June

"What are ya buyin'? Every copy of this?"

Resident Evil 4 vinyl
Resident Evil 4 vinyl

The soundtrack for the certified survival horror classic Resident Evil 4 will be coming to vinyl and shipped this June.

A collaboration between Laced Records and Capcom, the Resident Evil 4 soundtrack will arrive on four rather eye-catching LPs with the Gamecube version getting remastered audio. Its cover sleeve has been designed by Boris Moncel.

Boris Moncel Resident Evil 4 Vinyl

Composed by Shusaku Uchiyama and Misao Senbongi, while Resident Evil 4’s soundtrack may not be the most ominous due to the game itself favouring action over horror, few can forget “Serenity” or the industrial chaos of the various “Ganado” versions. I just hope there is a one-hour version of villagers shouting at you as an Easter egg.

Here’s the very meaty track listing, which even includes songs from Assignment Ada and the Mercenaries mode:

Disc 1

Side A
End of Umbrella
The Drive ~ First Contact
Ganado I
A Strange Pasture
A Ruined Village
Ganado II
Ganado III
Del Lago

Side B
El Gigante
Echo in the Night
Bitores Mendez
Hard Road to the Castle
Game Over
Ganado IV

Disc 2

Side C
Cold Sweat
Target Practice
Central Hall
Evil Malaise
Crazy Cultist Drivers
Bad Vibes

Side D
Tower of Death
Save Theme
Ganado V
Path to Closure

Disc 3

Side E
Final Battle
The Escape
Sorrow (Ending Credits)

Side F
The Mercenaries
The Mercenaries~Leon
The Mercenaries~Ada
The Mercenaries~Krauser
The Mercenaries~Hunk
The Mercenaries~Wesker

Disc 4

Side G
Assignment Ada
Assignment Ada End Roll~tarde
Assignment Ada End Roll~noche
the another order
Ganado VI

Side H
End and Aim
The Enemy
Time Limit
The Another End

Setting you back £70/$80 USD for both its Standard and Limited Edition (which comes complete with lovely gold discs) X4LP boxsets, the soundtrack can be pre-ordered now via the the official Laced Records site. It can only be shipped to North America, Europe, Middle-East, and Africa.

Elsewhere in the world of Resident Evil, the remake of the third game was recently released to a bit of a mixed response due to its length, and there’s even been some rumblings on what the eighth game could possibly entail.

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