Resident Evil 2 Remake Gameplay Demo Coming To E3 2018

Resident Evil 2 remake

UPDATE: Here’s the gameplay.

After a shocking reveal at E3 2018 during the PlayStation presser, Sony have announced that they will be hosting a gameplay demo for the Resident Evil 2 remake tomorrow, June 12th.

Starting at 4pm PDT / 12am BST, the gameplay demo will go into depth about how the game has changed from its original version. Spoilers: it’s a lot. We already know that it will adopt the Resident Evil 4 perspective and the RE Engine used for Resident Evil 7, though the gameplay demo will allow us a closer look at the exploits of the refreshed Leon and Claire.

It’s difficult to describe just how much work seems to have gone into this remake; they’ve created photorealistic models from the ground up and will even have a few new surprises in terms of level design. On the PlayStation Blog, Capcom used the Raccoon City Police Department as an example and said that there will be all new areas to explore.

Also added is real-time damage to zombies, so if you use a shotgun on one of them, their bodies will show the effects immediately and continue to degradate. As an aside, the Resident Evil 2 remake will also feature modes from the original game. For more details, you can catch the gameplay demo at the official PlayStation livestream on

Resident Evil 2 will arrive back on a PlayStation console on January 25, 2019, but will also come to Xbox One and PC.

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