Rayman Creator Michel Ancel Quits Video Games For Wildlife Work

Fair enough, dude. Best of luck to you.

Rayman Legends
Rayman Legends

Today, the legendary creator of franchises such as Rayman, Beyond Good & Evil and those accursed Rabbids, Michel Ancel, has announced that he’s leaving the video game industry to instead focus on another one of his passions: wildlife preservation.

The announcement was made via Ancel’s Instagram account, which reads as follows: “Today is very special for me. After more than 30 years, I’ve decided to stop working on video games and fully focus on my second passion : Wild Life ! My new project takes place in the real world and consists in a wild life open sanctuary dedicated to education, nature lovers and … wild animals.”

The statement goes on to clarify Ancel’s role in upcoming games like Beyond Good & Evil and Wild, which is a blast from editor Jimmy’s past: “Many of you might want to know what will happen to Wild and BGE2. No worries, since [for] many months now the teams are autonomous and the projects are going super well. Beautiful things to be seen soon.”

While we’re still under the impression that Wild has dropped off the face of the Earth, the Beyond Good & Evil 2 dev team have issued their own statement acknowledging Ancel’s announcement: “As Michel noted, he hasn’t been directly involved in BG&E2 for some time now, as the team has been hard at work building on top of the solid creative foundation he helped shape. The team’s collective strength has us well on our way to developing a flagship next-generation action-adventure game.”

The statement, from BG&E2’s Senior Producer Guillaume Brunier, goes on to say: “We recently passed an important internal milestone, delivering a build that proves our Space Pirate Fantasy and offers hours of gameplay and an incredible level of freedom in a seamless online sandbox, building upon the promise of our tech demos shown at E3. I’m incredibly proud of the team’s perseverance, dedication to each other, and ongoing commitment to developing an amazing game.”

Ultimately, the developers are hoping to show off more of Beyond Good & Evil 2 in 2021, once the game passes some more internal milestones. Fingers crosses, we’ll be seeing more Beyond Good & Evil 2 in our immediate future, and also best of luck to Michel Ancel with his future.

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