Rambo: Last Blood’s Teaser Trailer Takes Us Down Old Town Road

I'm gonna take my horse to the old town road, I'm gonna kill till I can't no more.

The teaser trailer for the final (or so we are told) Rambo movie has dropped. The internet is screaming with nostalgia as Rambo takes a walk down old town road. The song is definitely a bit played out at this point, but it’s a smart inclusion since we have something familiar on top of something else that’s familiar – Rambo going all badass with his arrows and knives and traps.

The premise of the movie is Rambo taking on a cartel who took his friend’s daughter. Kudos to Stallone for still being able to don the action man persona and bring this iconic character back onto the screen for one last hurrah – or so we are told.

I know I am sounding pretty skeptical about this being the last Rambo movie, despite this even being stated in the title. We all know that contrary to what it is being touted as, if the movie has a good showing at the box office, that leaves room for possibly another movie, and another movie, and another movie. Taken might have ended but Hollywood just finds other ways to give us Liam Neeson in the same type of action role.

John Wick, Mission Impossible, The Fast and the Furious – we keep returning to the same world with the same action stars. Don’t get me wrong, I love these franchises and the action stars attached to them, and they can keep on doing their thing, but we need some new blood as well.

They tried to give us that with Creed, and while the first movie was good, the second one floundered slightly because once again, we are playing in Rocky’s world, not Creed’s. But you see, we audiences are part of the issue as well. We can’t resist something that calls out to our nostalgia. So these movies will keep getting churned out, and we will be there in the cinemas, waiting to judge while eager to love.

Rambo: Last Blood will be released on September 20th, 2019.

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