Is Rainbow Six Siege Getting A Co-Op Zombies Mode?

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

The turnaround for Rainbow Six Siege has been nothing short of remarkable. From an extremely, erm, unpolished launch product to what it is now, the team at Ubisoft have worked tirelessly to get it to the levels it needs to be at to maintain a solid playerbase with constant updates and events. It’s even a prominent part of the eSports scene – you would have had a hard time believing that when it was first released.

After a second year of content which brought quarterly dumps of two new operators and a map, which could either be unlocked early with a Season Pass or grinded through to unlock the operators (maps become available to everyone), a third year of content is in the pipeline that follows the same format, but with a twist.

A co-operative event, Outbreak, was teased at a panel by Ubisoft Montreal over the weekend that looks like it might bring zombies into the fold.

Related to the biohazard theme of Season 1, Operation Chimera, Outbreak will be available during the first four weeks of Season 3 and then disappear. I don’t particularly get this Overwatch approach to introducing fun events for a limited period of time that could become selling points on their own, so maybe Siege will keep Outbreak around if it’s popular enough.

As for the rest of the content to expect throughout the game’s third year, Season 2 will feature Italy, Season 3 will rework an existing map (please let it be Yacht) and have US and UK operators, and Season 4 will be set in Morocco.

I haven’t played Siege in quite some time, but if Outbreak is good, I might be tempted to jump back aboard. It will probably be none too dissimilar to defending on Terrorist Hunt, except with creatures that want to eat your ears and other bits.

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