Q&A with Peatree Bojangles

Pea Bo

We caught up with our favourite person ever, Peatree Bojangles.

If you’re unfamiliar with Peatree Bojangles, go to the homepage of CV. Checking out that majestically cultured-looking vulture, yeah? WELL SHE ONLY WENT AND DONE THAT. Pea Bo is also responsible for the Netflix Nasties: hands down the funniest thing since farts were invented.

We may be slightly biased when it comes to saying this London-based artist is completely awesome, but take a look through her portfolio and we’re sure you’ll be of the same opinion as us. Her previous dalliances with animation have really fleshed out her skills and as an artist that continues to adapt, Pea Bo’s work only gets better and better.

As well as being a master of social media (@peatreebojangle), she’s had her works exhibited in many high-profile venues and is set for a huge 2014.

Q&A with Peatree Bojangles

Peatree Bojangles

1. How are you, Pea Bo?

I’m okay, thank you for asking. I’ve been painting all day, so my back hurts a bit. Also, I’m hungover, which doesn’t help with the fact that I’ve eaten next to nothing, AND have attempted to get fit with a cardio workout for MUMS which is fucking hard work. Seriously. Those mums are hardcore. So I ache. Oh wait, no, I’m not okay.

2. Your Mother’s Day cards were huge. What do you have lined up for Father’s Day?

Ah thanks. I really love creating these cards. My Die Hard Christmas cards were the biggest hits, as well as my American Psycho Valentine’s cards.

I have a few ideas re: Father’s Day. I’m thinking maybe Jim Carrey in Liar Liar, perhaps Passion of the Christ? Oh, Mrs Doubtfire. That would be fun. Robin Williams pissing while wearing a dress would go down well, no? OR MUFASA. Okay, I haven’t figured it out yet, but I will soon. (Not Darth Vader though, it’s overdone).

3. What’s been the best response you’ve ever had to your art?

Everyone’s so fucking lovely, seriously. I’ve had such little criticism over my work. My favourite moment was when Simon Singh (author and mathematician) commissioned a piece from me because my work was ‘beautiful’. I’m a massive fan of his, so I had a mini meltdown.

Also, Warren Ellis liked one of my illustrations on Instagram. I don’t know how that happened, but I screencapped it and now I look at it every time I’m naked.

4. And the worst?

I don’t really know. It’s obviously happened, but I’m so oblivious to it all. Someone once said my Bill Murray painting was ‘a bit rubbish’, and I said ‘OH HELL NO’ and that was the end of that. So…yeah.

5. What inspires your art?

Mostly pop culture. Pop culture and sexy things.

6. And finally, who would win in a bare knuckle boxing match between Postman Pat and Fireman Sam?

Fuck, are you kidding me? Fireman Sam hands down. Postman Pat is as weak as my knees at the thought of this.

Are they naked? I hope so. Fuck it, don’t tell me. I know they are.

Contact[email protected]

Twitter – @peatreebojangle

Facebook – Peatree Bojangles

Instagram – Peatree Bojangles


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